Take a Lap.

by Athletes.

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Thank you everyone who took the time to listen to this !


released February 15, 2013

Sam Tassey
Johnny Funk
Armando Martins
Jacob Smith
Connor Boucher
Ryan Gamblin
Aidan Stergiou
Cameron Boucher
Brian Tassey



all rights reserved


Athletes. New Hampshire

We're an emo group from NH. We died. oh well.

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Track Name: The Difference 'Twixt Grime and Gruel
Spending our nights moshing breathing smoke otheres exhaled
oh i wish they could see instead of thinking we failed

In time we'll all die and rest in peace with all the others
I'll see you up there
(in time i will see you, maybe thats not true
in time i wont miss you, i know that isn't true
friends and family comfort me
say that time spent in this lacuna
is nothing compared to an eternity
i know mine will be lackadaisical, painful
bereft of those loved by me and gone before me

well i guess we'll all die some day!

I told my self not to hurt
I told my self not to hurt
but i do more than
you could ever know
Track Name: Diem Perdidi
I'm not a ghost but i wish that i could be
I'm not a demon but there are demons inside of me
I no longer wish to be such an invalid
I'm a gonner; silently dysthymic

Sailing, sailing forever
my hearts disconnected
my minds not together
wearing pain on wrist
uncovering answers when i clench my fist
an insomniacs day dream
is just a nickname for reality
so let me sleep a couple of days
cuz i'm getting quite tired of this place

closing back doors to the thought that i am not alone
no matter where i am, i'm never home
love me forever i am a cancer
hate me forever but I'm still here
(letting myself down)
so god damn lonesome my nerves are shot
i could go outside and make friends but i'd rather not

Oh God can anyone trust anyone any more?
are you there only so i can ask what am i here for?
be who you will
kill who you kill
i can't stay mad at you
So do what you do
why arent you here when i most need you?
Track Name: Dystopia Beach
Every morning I'm asked if i took my Prozac
I promise i'll be okay
Im goin to a party

I know I'm a fuck up
I can get better
I'll be a better fuck up
maybe by next year

Is it true i am growing up?
i feel as though i am shutting down.

Let's pretend that we're okay
until we are okay
Track Name: Keeper of the Trees
Break my bones
leave them on the hill
it's not my fault i'm not aloud to feel
i act so fake
this is not my smile

take whats expected from me
place it in a book like wet leaves
let them dry and never be forgotten
like my nebulous dreams
beautiful but rotten
Track Name: SUMMER '12
All we do in life is look for attention. Open our eyes until we reach the place we have no longer a need to see. We stretch out our fingertips as high as we can, lifting our steel-built ribcage allowing us a few final breaths. We take flight, inhaling the new air incense we smell so strongly our eyes try to invision it but just cant wrap our minds around the concept. Same with science; they study me and observe my every movement as if I am some sort of monster in the shadows or animal crying out in the wild. I am in my own world. Not where the wild things are, but where the wild things aren't.

And this is where the wild things should be!

No one around me to help and no one around me understands. I live on my own trying to survive with every bit of strength I have. I open my eyes and look at them and hope that they see me for who I am and not what they want. I am not a monster, just a man. A kid, a boy, I am something more.